1-1    Table of Contents and Product Line Comments, Policies  

Part 1: TOOLS

1-6        Choppers: Wood, Plastic, Cutting and Sanding     
1-7        Miniature Arbor Press:  Pull, Punch, Press, Emboss   
1-8        Pullers     
1 -9       Aligners      
1-10      Quarterers    
1-11      Sherline Lathe Packages

Part 2: Micro Motors & Model Powering Drive Units   

2-1        Micro Motors     HO, HOn3, On3, S, S, Sn3   
2-2        Flywheels, Shaft Adapters
2-3        Shaft Couplings Driveline Universal Connectors
2-5        Athearn Repowering Kits: Diesels, Switchers, Varney Dockside, Bachmann Doodlebug, Tyco            Mantua, etc.  
2-6        Stanton Drive Self-Powered Trucks     
2-7        Stanton Drive Self-Powered Trucks -  HO scale
2-9        Stanton Drive Self-Powered Trucks -  P:87, On30, On3 Gauge    
2-10    Stanton Drive Self-Powered Trucks -  S  scale 
2-11    Stanton Drive Self-Powered Trucks -  O  scale 
2-12    Stanton Radio CAB (S-CAB) DCC Control 
2-13         FLEA Drive Unit         HO, HOn3, On3, S, Sn3 
2-14        MAGIC CARPET: Nose-Hung Power Unit   O, #1, Std 
2-16       Large Scale Self-Powered Trucks, Drives   #1, Std, #3, G  

Part 3: Wheelsets

3-3   N  Gauge  
3-4   HO, HOn3  Gauge
3-9   HO Athearn Half-Axle Wheels
3-11   S, P:64, Sn3  Gauge   
3-12    O Gauge
3-13   On30, On2, On3  Gauge     
3-16  O Tinplate, 9-Spoke   
3-17   Large Scale     
3-20    Axle Listings: Pointed       
3-22   Axle Listings: Shouldered    
3-23   Axle Listings: Flush/Blunt     
3-24   Wheel Listings: N  Scale    
3-25   Wheel Listings: HO  Scale
3-26   Wheel Listings: S Scale
3-27   Wheel Listings: O
3-28   Wheel Listings: Large Scale  

Part 4a: Gears


4-5     Metric/Inch/Dedimal dimension conversion chart  
4-8     Gearboxes - 0.3mod, 0.4mod, 0.5mod, 0.6mod     
4-16    Regear, Repower Kits 
4-20    NWSL Worms (steel)    
4-22    MDC Locomotive Regear Kits

Part 4b: Gears

4-23    Gear Charts - 0.3mod, 72dp, 0.4mod, 0.5mod, 0.6mod 
4-28    Replacement, Upgrade Gears

Part 5: Hardware, Parts, Books

5-1    Metric Taps, Dies, Drills, Washers   
5-2    Insulating Screws, Black Plated Screws, Nuts, Screw Asst
5-3    Nickel Plated Screws   
5-4    Bearings          
5-5   Plastic Insulating Bushings, Shaft Adapter Bushings 
5-6    Springs, Shafting, Wire, Lubricants, Wheel Wiper, Solder Tab 
5-7    Flywheels, Logging and Railroad History Books  

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